Fin De Siecle


This used to be the homepage image for my old website. This was in the pre-blog era and probably goes back a dozen years or more, at least. Skulls, squiggly hand-drawn psychedelic text… all the usual motifs are there.

Devil Red

Devil Red

God is an idea, the devil is us.
Joe R. Lansdale

An unpublished drawing from 2005-6. I’m still tempted to get this tattooed on my arm. Maybe I’ll do it when I hit 50?

The Cult

The Cult

I distinctly remember drawing this. It was 2o June 2001, the date The Cult’s comeback album Beyond Good & Evil was released. I’d long been a fan of the band and was suitably “psyched” for what promised to be a thunderous return, and I was not disappointed. The first song – ‘War (The Process)’ – took the top of my head off, and I spent the rest of that evening annoying my neighbours off with a stereo cranked to 11 and the ink flying as I drew this… thing, which brings together my lifelong love of hi-octane rock and freaky comix, two influences that really crashed into my head when I was on the cusp of puberty, and those are the influences that stay with you for life.

The Cult – Beyond Good & Evil

Morbius The Living Vampire


Drawn in 2008, this was my chance to draw one of my favourite characters from my childhood. Back then I read Spiderman Weekly with the fervent ardour of a true believer reading the bible, and soon found myself preferring the increasingly-bizarre cast of villains to Spidey himself – The Vulture, Green Goblin, Man-Wolf, Tarantula and, top of the heap, Morbius The Living Vampire. Here was a man who became a monster by mistake, cursed to wander the streets of 1970’s New York City in search of human blood, looking like the fifth member of Kiss. I’ve long carried around in my head a story idea for Morbius that involves William Burroughs, Lydia Lunch, Brian Eno and David ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz running amok in Times Square and 42nd Street during the No Wave/Studio54 era when New York was widely regarded as one of the most dangerous cities on earth. It’ll never get written, so have fun imagining how crazy it could have been. Burroughs in his bunker, inviting Morbius in so he can shoot up on vampire blood… “it was tasty“…

No Ones Grieve


I made this painting in 2014, a deviation from my usual subject matter that references an earlier painting, but was created using a totally different technique. The colours were applied using a flick & drip technique that could be termed ‘Pollockesque’. The song that inspires the title was playing while I was painting.

Boris – No Ones Grieve, part 2


Superwet t-shirt

Further to this previous post, here’s another t-shirt design, clearly intended as a piss-take of a certain ubiquitous brand that seemingly all teenagers must now wear, or else. When you see it worn by men of my age though, it  does suggest a certain degree of mid-life crisis, to which I would say if you want something to wear to express your fears of waning libido and the faint but relentless footsteps of the reaper, you could do a lot worse than parading around with this on your chest.

On The Beach

On The Beach

I drew this in 1989. Twenty-six fucking years ago! The creepy clown came from my enduring love of Stephen King’s IT, the beach setting came from King’s short story ‘Night Surf’, but as for the mutant madonna thing – I have no idea what was going on there. Even then, when I was still young, idealistic and optimistic, the work came out dark, dark, dark, as though I had seen what was coming and decided to get started early on the dominant theme of my life’s work.

Radiohead – On The Beach (Neil Young cover)


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